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As a Company Owner or Human Resources Manager, your top priority is a stable, happy employee; however, this is becoming increasingly difficult with the stress that comes with financial struggles at home.  According to the Federal Reserve, 15-20% of employees have financial problems sever enough to negatively affect productivity in the workplace, and Good Morning America reported that absentee-ism has tripled at the workplace in the last year due to stress.

Human Resource Professionals deal with a daily helping of counseling tasks and administrative responsibilities.  Our goal is to assist your employees with fiscal counseling, coupled with automated tools and support that guarantees financial success.  Having the tools and resources to automatically track and monitor cash flow provides the financial security and confidence necessary for success in the workplace.  It’s like having your own team of Certified Public Accountants readily accessible.

Studies indicate a return on investment of workplace financial education of up to 3:1 in increased productivity and reduction in direct cost.*

  • Higher Productivity
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Better Attention
  • Increased Loyalty
  • Better Employee Health
  • Decrease Administrative Costs
  • Increased Profits

*The Federal Reserve Bank

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